BIRT Sample Reports Location

Hi All,


I'm quite new to the BIRT Reports, could you please give me the sample Projects/Reports path comes inbuilt with the tool for my quick reference?


If it is not straight forward, how do I import this and refer from BIRT 4.4? Thank you in advance.


  • The samples are available as views in both Eclipse 4.4 (Luna) and RCP Report Designer.

    To open them follow as, Window > Show View > Other. Then under Report and Chart Design one can select

    - Chart Examples

    - Report Examples


  • Thank you so much Zorawar!!


    Under 'Report Design', I couldn't see any Examples folder and it doesn't have 'Chart Design folder.


    I've downloaded '' file and it has 'org.eclipse.birt.chart.examples_4.4.2.v201410272105.jar' file.


    Using 'File->Open' menu option, I've tried open the above .jar file, but I couldn't see any sample report.


    I'm new to this at the moment, could you please help me on this?

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