BIRT Sample report from Classic car DB

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Anyone know where I can downlaod all BIRT sample reports from classic car db please.



  • Hi,


    In O/S BIRT, you can view all sample reports by going to Window --> Show View -- Other... Then, in the Show View Dialog, choose Report and Chart Designs --> Report Examples:


    Pierre Richer

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  • Cheers Pierre

  • Hi Pricher,


    Under 'Report Design', I couldn't see any Examples folder and it doesn't have 'Chart Design folder.


    I've downloaded '' file and it has 'org.eclipse.birt.chart.examples_4.4.2.v201410272105.jar' file.


    Using 'File->Open' menu option, I've tried open the above .jar file, but I couldn't see any sample report.


    I'm new to this at the moment, could you please help me on this? Should I download any examples first before try opening it in the BIRT? Please help.
  • Hi,


    I don't know where that feature has gone. However, you can find most of these examples here.



    Pierre Richer

    Solutions Consultant, Analytics & Reporting



  • First, it is not under Report Design. It is under Report and Chart Design as shown in the screenshot attached by Pierre in his answer.


    If it is still not there then do the following with the sample zip file that you have downloaded.

    1. extract the jar org.eclipse.birt.chart.examples_4.4.2.v201410272105.jar 

    2. navigate to your local eclipse installation, <path-to-eclipse>\eclipse

    3. copy the jar from Step 1 into the eclipse plugins folder, <path-to-eclipse>\eclipse\plugins

    4. restart eclipse with the clean option as so, <path-to-eclipse>\eclipse\eclipse.exe -clean


    Step 4 needs to be done just once and can be done from the command line.


    It would be easier to create a shortcut to eclipse.exe and name it eclipse-clean-shortcut.

    For the created shortcut, right-click and open it and then specify the -clean option in the Target.


    When eclipse restarts, navigate as before to Show View and locate the examples under Report and Chart Design. It should show up now.


    If you still cannot access the samples, continue to ask on this thread and not on the other one where I answered before.

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