Buiding Eclipse BIRT using maven on linux/windows



I am having trouble in building birt using maven as mentioned in the readme.md file on the github repository. I have tried performing the following steps with required environments on windows 64- bit machine and linux 32 bit machine:


The open source Eclipse BIRT reporting and data visualization project.

##Building BIRT BIRT is build using [Apache Maven] (http://maven.apache.org). To build BIRT with latest Eclipse platform, run:

mvn package -DskipTests

To build BIRT with Eclipse Neon, run:

mvn package -Pneon -DskipTests

To build BIRT with Eclipse Mars, run:

mvn package -Pmars -DskipTests

###Building environment JDK 1.8

Maven 3.3.1 or 3.3.3


I have attached the error as a .doc file. Can I  get correct steps to run birt on eclipse as maven project.


  • Hi Shreehari,


    May I know if you did find a solution to this issue?

  • The BIRT modules need their parent versions updated.

    Follow the steps below to build everything.

    # get BIRT master
    $ git clone https://github.com/eclipse/birt.git
    # change to local birt folder
    $ cd birt
    # update version for BIRT modules
    $ mvn -N versions:update-child-modules

    Under user home, set up .m2/toolchains.xml to have JDK8 configuration.

    For id use JavaSE-1.8 as that is how it is in birt/pom.xml.


    # build BIRT
    $ mvn package -DskipTests
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