Need help in rotating the text



I need to generate the report in  xlsx format. Headers need to display in vertical order.

1   | 2

E   | E

M  | M

A   | A

N   | N

A1 | A2


On the above sample NAME1 and NAME2 are headers. if I use label that is not displayed in expecting format.


I am using API to generate the report. I have tried with below code.


ExtendedItemHandle rotatedText=elementFactory.newExtendedItem("ex1", "RotatedText");
rotatedText.setProperty("rotationAngle", "90");
rotatedText.setProperty("text", "\"Test\"");
rotatedText.setProperty("wrapPoint", "0in");
rotatedText.setProperty("linkURL", "\"\""); //You can also use a relative path
rotatedText.setProperty("fontFamily", "sans-serif");
rotatedText.setProperty("fontSize", "30pt");
rotatedText.setProperty("fontStyle", "italic"); //Options: "normal" or "italic"
rotatedText.setProperty("fontWeight", "bold"); //Options: "normal" or "bold"
rotatedText.setProperty("color", "#FF0000");



I am getting null in rotatedText. can any one tell me how to achieve this? Any JAR files required this??


Is there any alternative way to achieve this?



Thanks in advance






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