Min_Max Size of bubble chart HTML5



i want to change the minimum and the maximum size of a bubble in a HTML5 bubble chart.


I already use this script to change the color of the bubble depending of his size, if it can helps.


beforeDrawDataPoint: function(point, pointOptions, chart, seriesIndex, pointIndex, seriesOptions, series )


//You can change pointOptions here to modify data, color and y.


if (point.z  == 0.301)

pointOptions.fillColor = "#FFFF00";

else if (point.z  == 0.302)

pointOptions.fillColor = "#DDC22F";

else if (point.z  == 0.303)

pointOptions.fillColor = "#0088CA";

else if (point.z  == 0.304)

pointOptions.fillColor = "#6FD0FF";

else if (point.z  == 0.3)

pointOptions.fillColor = "#CADBDA";



Because as you can see from the screenshot as attached file, 

when i change the size of my bubbles, the big one (SI09) doesn't change, but the littles one do, depending of the size between each other.

And i need to lower the size of the maximum.



I really appreciate any help you can provide,

with regards,



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