Combining multiple Category (X) Series values on one bar

Good morning, all!  Another week brings another chart modification request from one of my end users.  This time, they've asked if it is possible to make a bar chart that has multiple values (4) on the Category (X) Series that only has one bar that is broken down into those Series values (see pic for example).



  • Is the attached what you are looking for?


    Items changed in your design:


    1.  Under Select Chart Type, changed chart type to Bar > Stacked
    2.  Under Select Data, changed Catetgory (X) Series to 'Stacked' (with single quotes)
    3.  Under Select Data, dragged row["first_material_type"] to Optional Y Series Grouping
    4.  Under Format Chart > Series, change Color By from Categories to Value Series


    If not so simple, please provide more sample data, and expected output.

    Clement Wong
    Principal Analytics Architect

    OpenText Corporation |

  • Perfect!  Thanks, Clement!!

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