How to create a custom Documentum index-agent?

Hi, how can I create a custom (non-xPlore) Documentum index-agent? Basically I want to index some object properties to an additional database (additionally to xPlore). It should happen on doc update/deletion so index agent approach would be perfect here. Thank you

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    We can use REGISTER API command for registering the required user for the required object type on specific events, so that object event for that object type will create queue item for that specific user.

    For example, if we register dm_save event for test_user for dm_document, then any new creation of dm_document object will create queue item for test_user automatically.

    Here is the syntax for register API: register, session, object-ID, event
    session --> Identifies an open repository session
    object-ID --> Identifies the object or object type for which you are registering the event.
    To identify a particular object, use the object’s object ID or an indirect reference (@object_id).
    To identify an object type, use the object ID of the type’s dm_type object. The object type must be SysObject or a SysObject subtype. Sysadmin or Superuser privileges are required to specify an object type.
    event --> Defines the event for which you want to receive notification. All the available event details can be found in Documentum CS Admin Guide.

    Hope this helps:)

    Hari Gadhamsetty
    Architect, Consulting Services


  • Yes, Index Agent approach appears to be helpful for your requirement.

    Create new user, register this user to create queue items automatically for doc update/deletion. Then use the same user to query the queue items at regular intervals (may be every 5 mins.) using DFC code, and fetch the required metadata of those documents to store on your additional database.

    Hope this helps:)

    Hari Gadhamsetty
    Architect, Consulting Services

  • Thanks, but how to register user to automatically create queue items for doc update/deletion?

  • Great, thank you!

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