EDGE browser support for Documentum products

We are using WebTop 6.8.2 and xCP 1.6 SP3 based applications. Can anyone please confirm if EDGE browser will support these applications or we have to migrate to 16.4?

Thanks in advance.

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    xCP 1.6 SP3 does not support Edge browser.
    Edge browser certified starting xCP 2.3.


  • Currently WebTop 6.8.2 with Edge Browser are supported.

    Rohanna Dodla
    Subject Matter Expert (SME), Documentum


  • Edge browser does not support Java applets. Java applets are required for content transfer (UCF) between client desktop (c drive) and web server.

    If your xCP 1.6 SP3 does not need content transfer, then Edge browser might work.

    However please do note that primary support for xCP 1.6 SP3 ends this year, December 2018, I think.

    Brian Dinneen
    ECD Documentum Designated Support Engineer


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