Using Source Control in xCP 2.x

gokul1989_1gokul1989_1 Gokulakrishnan Prabhakaran

Any recommendations or best practices to use xCP 2.x with source control.

I have setup my project as git project,Just want to know the best practices in working with shared codebase.

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  • gokul1989_1gokul1989_1 Gokulakrishnan Prabhakaran

    Thanks for your reply simyl, Yes i saw that to setup repo.

    But once i set and started to use , Found few difficulties in merging when working on the same page.

    Just was wondering is there any practices is been followed to work concurrently.

  • gokul1989_1gokul1989_1 Gokulakrishnan Prabhakaran

    Thanks johnny for your reply, May be we also need to follow the same procedure.

    Also is there a way to update XCPDesigner Artifacts for java libraries/modules automated? For instance like an ant command (emc.importContent ), Now everything is in maven, do we have any similar plugins to do so?

  • I believe you could do this with Composer (since it was built on Eclipse), but we haven't done anything like this with xcp designer.

  • gokul1989_1gokul1989_1 Gokulakrishnan Prabhakaran

    Thanks johnny. Say if we have changed workflow code and modified the jar, So each time when we deploy the latest workflow method artifacts from xCP Designer ,, we need to update the jar manually?

  • s_vaidyas_vaidya Samir Vaidya EM

    Let me chime in here.. xCP artifacts like Business Object, Document, UI Page, Fragment, Process, Real Time Query, etc. are all in XML format, and it is based on Eclipse platform. You can see all these files under "Artifacts" folder of your project. Binary files like JAR files, etc. are obviously in binary format and can't be merged in any simple way. But for earlier mentioned artifacts it should be possible to merge the conflicts when multiple developers modify the files concurrently. Till xCP 2.3, the XML format of those artifacts was not really conducive to easy merges because it was riddled with index numbers across all elements. This was rectified in xCP 16.4, and now if you open those artifacts in a text editor you'll see that it is far simpler and more-or-less human readable. Please try out xCP 16.4 if you are not already on that version.

    Samir Vaidya
    Enterprise Software Architect

  • gokul1989_1gokul1989_1 Gokulakrishnan Prabhakaran

    Thanks Samir Vaidya for you reply, Will try out xCP 16.4.

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