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Need some technical info on Content Suite...

I am an Architect and I need some technical info on Content Suite so I can determine the best Architecture configuration and understand how the suite fits into our current technology stack. Also, I have done work with AI and would like to know how that is used in Content Suite to improve productivity.



  • Thank you for posting!

    This information can be found at our developer.opentext.com site. If you need assistance, please let me know.


    Karen Weir
    Forum Moderator

  • Thanks Karen!! I could not login using the account I setup at opentext site just so you know.


  • Sorry for the inconvenience Tony. Your account should work on both sites seamlessly. I will take a look at the configuration and reach out to development if required.

    Would you mind if I contact you directly to continue troubleshooting?

    Karen Weir
    Forum Moderator

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