Hyperion to Opentext BIRT Migration

I just wanted to understand, how feasible it would be to migrate existing Hyperion Application to Opentext BIRT. I am aware aware of the fact that Hyperion is CPM tool (Customer Performance Management) which is not a typical BI tool like BIRT and would be used for specific type of requirement where users need to access large amount of data in an aggregated form at various levels.

So if we get such migration request, what points we should be take care of. And What sort of volume of data, Opentext BIRT Data Object can handle.

Note- I did one POC where Hyperion Essbase Cube level aggregations can be replicated using Interactive Dashboards with the help of Data Object.


  • Hi G-Man,

    Unfortunately, we don't have a list of items that should be taken care of. The BIRT product is very robust and enterprise level. It can handle large amounts of data, for many customers our BIRT product scales very well. However, it's difficult to provide any set numbers when implementations change from customer to customer and environment to environment.

    Different techniques can also be taken depending on the implementation. For example, pushing a filter to the database query level could cost the Data Object generation performance, but could allow for the front end Dashboards to improve.

    We apologize for being unable to provide specifics.


    Jeffrey Neneman

    OpenText - Analytics: http://www.opentext.com
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