Hide page header on non-first-pages in PDF mode


I am rendering my report directly as PDF output and would like to hide the page header on every page that is not the 1st page.
I have already tried adding this to the onRender script of the Grid that I placed in the Page Header segment

//first nested grid
if( pageNumber > 1 ){
this.getStyle().display = "none";



but it does not seem to have any effect.
Any other ideas on how to achieve this?


BIRT 4.3.1

locale de_DE


  • Hi,

    Can you post the sample rptdesign for the same. As far as I know grid is something which doesnot repeat itself. You need table I think.


  • If you are generating directly to a PDF as far as I know you can't. It works with Run and Render I have a report that only shows a statement in the master footer only for page one. If I go directly to PDF it is on every page.

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