what is the tag <VALUE-OF> really do how can I change the value between <VALUE-OF>x</VALUE-OF>

Hi there
Any one can help me about tag <!VALUE-OF> and what it is really do.
Thanks in advance ! (I changed <!!!!VALUE-OF> to <!VALUE-OF> and <!!!script> to <!script> can see it in post)
I have an array called “myArray” defined in Report Design “initialize” function
myArray = [];
Index = 0;
totalList= [];
In data onFetch function the value are assigned to the array and ArrayLength.
Now I am try to use them in one of the text item (HTML/list)
function myFunc() {

    1. 1.   alert(<!VALUE-OF>ArrayLength</!VALUE-OF>);

2. 2. alert(<!VALUE-OF> ArrayLength </!VALUE-OF>);
3. 3. alert(<!VALUE-OF>totalArray[Index]</!VALUE-OF>);
4. 4 alert(<!VALUE-OF>totalArray[8]</!VALUE-OF>);
but can't do

    1. i=8; alert(<!VALUE-OF>totalArray[i]</!VALUE-OF>);
    1. alert(<!VALUE-OF>totalList.pop()</!VALUE-OF>);
    1. alert(<!VALUE-OF>totalList.pop()</!VALUE-OF>);
    1. alert(<!VALUE-OF>totalList.pop()</!VALUE-OF>); got same data 3 times
  1. }

The first four alert is working as I expected. What I want to do the get all the data in the array and use them in the function.

Something like
Var Myvar
For (Index =0; Index< ArrayLength; Index++)
Myvar = <!VALUE-OF>totalArray[Index]</!VALUE-OF>;
It complain Index in the totalArray[Index] in invalid.
Var i;
For (i=0; i< ArrayLength); i++ ){ myVar = <!VALUE-OF>totalArray[i]</!VALUE-OF>;

Basically I can’t change the index for the array no mater I am using local variable or global variable,


Also if you look at the 4-6 it is always give (not ‘pop up’) the last item in the list, the size of the list never changed.

I am try to using reportContext.getGlobalVariable.. but can’t make it work. How can I change the data value between = <!VALUE-OF> </!VALUE-OF>;

Thanks and have nice day….


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