TS 16.4.1: Searching on Extended Attributes that Contain a Space is Not Working

I have found another bug in TS 16.4.1 Search, where if you have an extended attribute that contains a space in it's name ("Expiration Date" for instance), then the search will return wildly inaccurate results. The bug lies in the fact that when the search query is built, the process (I'm not sure where the blame lies) inserts an "OR" string where the space is so the portion of the query that defines your extended attribute looks like "Expiration+OR+Date", which obviously is incorrect. I haven't received a patch for this yet, but I'm working with Support to get one. This is just to let people know that the bug exists.


  • Expecting the fix for this in Service Pack...

  • 1 down, 27 to go........ :-)

  • 1 down, 27 to go

    I am hoping I see some movement on my tickets.

  • Update...apparently this was only partially fixed. EAs that represent a date and have a space in the name are still broken. They have a fix but it is separate from and will be applied in a patch (or QSU as they call it). Of course, the significant EAs that we use and have spaces are all date fields. Hopefully the patch will come out shortly after or at the same time as

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