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  • jake11

    Hello Carl, I hope this is the right venue to contact you with. If not please let me know. I must admit since Open Text took over from Guidance I find it very confusing as far as navigating around EnCase web site.
    Anyway, my question is: Using EnCase v8. After opening up a case, I know that if I want to locate all files with a certain extension, say .PDF, I would first sort all files by double clicking on the extension column. Then at the top of the column, while holding down the Ctrl key, I would type in, "PDF". This will then take me to the top of the pdf files. My question is, is there a way (command) that would then take me to the last PDF file? Right now all I have been doing is scrolling down to find the last file, however, I found that this is harder to do than you think! I am hoping there is a command I can use to accdomplish this task? Thank You! Jake

    July 19
    • Carl_Purser
      Hi Jake, In terms of the Wall I must admit I'm not sure it is the 1st time someone has posted in this way to me - you are more than welcome to drop me an email and I will respond as soon as I can...

      To answer the query - I'm not sure if there is such as command to take you to the last PDF (for example) in the list after applying a sort and using intelligence-type.
      To make it easier you might want to use a default condition. These are located in the fourth pane - if you use "Default / Entries / General Conditions / File Extension" You can then enter the file extension of interest (in this case PDF), choosing how to run (so for example Current View - to run against the evidence currently loaded into Entries). This will then restrict the entries to just those with the extension of interest, hence will be easier to get to the last entry by scrolling to the bottom of the matching items

      Also as an aside you shouldn't need to use the CTRL key to type PDF - it should use intelligent-type and a consistent type should allow you to enter the extension (in this case) of choice.

      Hope that helps somewhat, as mentioned - you are more than welcome to send an email.


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