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  • Virgil, I have 2 options currently with me for deployment but I am not able to decide which one to use: 1) Deploy the BIRT Viewer servlet directly in my App server and call the reports from a file system repository using that servlet. 2) Depl…
  • Hi Virgil, The example and the steps that you gave below were really helpful to me. Thanks so much! Rgds! Hi Buntysingh, I created an example and uploaded it to the DevShare at…
  • Hi Virgil, I have tried downloading the designer several times but in vain...I get the same error!
  • Hi Virgil, I tried what you said and it does show 3.2.14 for the version stamp. So the version I downloaded is right. However as I said, I cannot open any 2.2 design which is NOT created by me in this designer. I get the same error: Error openin…
  • Yes I am downloading from the site that you mentioned. For the designer: I have downloaded BIRt report designer proffessional 2.2 version. Still when I try to open somebody else's design created on the same above version in my designer, I get that N…
  • The XML source shows Eclipse BIRT Designer Version 2.2.0.v20070620 only but it does not open in the 2.2 designer. I am having similar issues in opening the designs created in 2.2 designer which I download. do you have any clue why I get that error f…
  • Hi Virgil, I was trying to open the DevShare item that you had uploaded for control charts...but whenever I open any 2.2 version downloaded file and try to open it in the editor, I get an error and cannot open the file: Error opening the editor.…