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  • I just tested this. Every time I run the .rptdesign I get the default parameter values defined in the report. Each time I run the .rov I get the default parameter values specified in the "Create parameter value file" menu command. That is how it …
  • Hi Sai, When you run the command highlighted below in Information Console, you will be prompted to enter the report parameters. After you enter the values and save them, a new report icon will be created. You might need to refresh the folder to…
  • Hi Sai, BIRT does not have functionality to save data. It queries and displays data. So the first question to answer is how do you save the user-entered parameter values. If you can use the Information Hub server to host reports, it has built-…
  • BIRT is only for reporting. It does not have the ability to execute a SQL "insert" statement. You would need to create your own servlet: https://forums.opentext.com/forums/discussion/61115/birt-report-with-database-write-back
  • For the support ticket, the following information will be helpful: Issue Description: When attempting to debug a report with a parameter that has a default value, I get the error, "org.eclipse.swt.SWTException: Failed to execute runnable (java.l…
  • I am not very familiar with this topic, but I found an example that I hope will help: https://forums.opentext.com/forums/discussion/61359/birt-pojo-data-source-example
  • Are you talking about calling a database stored procedure? https://help.eclipse.org/kepler/index.jsp?topic=%2Forg.eclipse.birt.doc%2Fbirt%2Fds-HowToUseAStoredProcedureToRetrieveDataFromJDBCDataSource.html
  • This is a known bug that has been patched in the commercial version (BIRT-4641). Please open a support ticket if possible.
  • The OpenText Analytics reporting tool (formerly BIRT/iHub) has been integrated into a product called Magellan. Magellan includes the capability to do data mining on a very large range of data sources. It also has advanced AI to assist in processin…
  • I found this link: https://forums.opentext.com/forums/discussion/61273/adding-a-chart-type-to-birt I have not tested the example.
  • I forgot to mention the latest developments with OpenText's commercial version of BIRT/iHub. A new version was released about a week ago- Magellan BI & Reporting 16.6. The main item I wanted to point out is that the product is being re-branded…
  • There have been several product releases since the bug was reported, and 97 code commits in the last year according the the Eclipse website. I have never worked on the project, but it sounds like this issue might involve a third party.
  • The "product" on the bug ticket says BIRT. It sounds like the source of the bug is in the Apache Xalan plugin used by BIRT.
  • This is a known bug: https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=482966
  • I'm glad I could help.
  • I couldn't find anything in the Knowledge Base or bug tracking system related to this issue. There are no tickets that mention the error either. Here are a few online references I found: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/51861916/creating-tem…
  • I think I have it. var elem = document.getElementById("myTable").closest("div"); maxScrollTop = elem.scrollHeight - elem['clientHeight'];
  • My testing shows that the BIRT Designer is evaluating the characters in question correctly, I am testing with an out-of-the-box Designer. I did not need to change any configuration settings to render the characters in PDF. This points to an issue…
  • You can create a second cascading parameter choosing either column as the value column. However, the interface won't be very intuitive and the filtering could be complex. Can you elaborate on what is not working? Also, what is the relationship …
  • When I look at the same property on your report, I see "serif", not "sans serif". I tested both fonts as well as some others I selected at random. They all render the check boxes correctly in PDF for me. What do you see for the fonts in your PD…