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Login screen and pre populated password

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When I land on the login page for SNAP, my details are pre-populated by Chrome (login/pwd) however the "sign in" button isn't enabled.

I have to delete a character and type it again to enable the button. This is not practical as I don't know my passwords (I use a pwd management solution which generates random pwd for me) and it takes time.

Untitled.pngCan this be fixed?





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    Hello Philippe,

    I tried to replicate the issue explained but i couldn't see the same behaviour. I have saved my username and password and when i close the browser and open it again i see the credentials is filled and the sign in button is enabled. 

    Please let me know if you have any special characters in the password? Does this issue happens with any other account ? Please note you need to click on the password textbox to enable the sign in button you donot need to change the password to works. This test was done on two different accounts.

    Thank you,

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    I do see the same issue, as my Account has the password saved on the browser. My password contains special characters.

    Additionally if I delete one character I see it enabled. After entering the password all over again, it does not bring the login page again.

    Earlier what I noticed as soon as I go into the link, it would have take directly to the home page of SNAP.

    - Rohanna

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    I see the issue.  It's not that the button is disabled, but it is grayed out and looks disabled.  If you click it, it should log you in.  I will report this to the Product Manager responsible for this functionality.



    Snap Product Management

  • reset your browser and don't save passwords, clear temporary folder of your system, if the functionality is not working you could complain to the concerned person.

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