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Failed to login after resetting password

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Writing on behalf of a customer who cannot login since resetting her password for the first time... It is not the first time I experience this issue - is there a support ticket already?

I tried to set up my account, but failed. The error message is:

CoE - step 1.jpg

Although I have used exactly the temporary password as indicated, and although the new one was accepted:

CoE - step 2.jpg

And when I want to get a new one, I am getting this message:

CoE - step 3.jpg





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    Hello ,

    from the screenshot above I see you are trying to register not to login am I correct ?

    So please confirm my understanding, when you go to the login page and insert the username and password it gives wrong  username and password ? so you try to reset the password is that correct ?

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    Hello Ahmed,

    User has received the welcome email from LEAP - she did the "password reset" which got accepted however when she tries to connect with hew new password, it doesn't work. When she tries to "forgot password" to set up a new one, she gets the last error message.



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    Hello ,

    can you please confirm that she is using the email registered in the management console ?

    Please go to management console and and check the email and let me know.

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    I've asked but it will be since she's using the email she received in the invitation "You've been added as an administrator to Council_of_Europe!"



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    Can you please raise SR so we can investigate further this issue.

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    Reference:  SR 81344484

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