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Issue with Lockbox 4.6

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Our environment:

[VMware: d2-leap-test]

Windows Server 2008 R2

Content Server 7.2

Java: 1.7.72 64bit

Tomcat: 8.0.14

deployed: DA & D2

[VMware (DMZ) vm-fmeus-rmas]

linux redhat 2.6

Java: 1.7.45 64bit

Tomcat: 7.0.54

deployed: D2-REST

I could start the app on my iPhone and browse through the repository, but if I want to view a document I got the "can not encrypt JMS message"...

After that JMS service stopped.

Any sugestions?


Jens Weferling

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  • AjayAjay EM mod
    edited September 12, 2016

    Hi Jens

    Thank you posting the question on our discussion forum.

    Express offers a few ways to view a document

    1. Just clicking on the document

    2. Clicking on ellipsis symbol to open more options, then click "View Original Content" or "Open In"

    Can you let us know which option you used to view content?



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    Hi Jens,

    Please share the java method server log and application server when the issue occurs.



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    Hi Ajay,

    I tried both ways. Clicking the document and the options menu. Same behaviour.

    It seems there is a general problem with JMS based on, it stops working also if I'm doing something in D2-Client.

    I had to copy and rename the VM with Oracle, Content Server/JMS and Tomcat to move it to the DMZ.

    Maybe here are some issues with the renaming. :-(



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    Hi Tengwei,

    here are the logs: Download File on my Syncplicity drive.



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    Looking through the logs it shows the following:

    14:48:05,414 INFO  [stdout] (http- 14:48:05.414 [http-] DEBUG 145 - lockbox file is null. Checking the classpath

    14:48:05,414 INFO  [stdout] (http- 14:48:05.414 [http-] DEBUG 145 - search lockbox with url : file:/C:/Documentum/jboss7.1.1/server/DctmServer_MethodServer/deployments/ServerApps.ear/APP-INF/classes/D2.lockbox

    Then lockbox file is found but:

    14:48:05,414 INFO  [stdout] (http- 14:48:05.414 [http-] DEBUG 145 - lockbox file found: C:\Documentum\jboss7.1.1\server\DctmServer_MethodServer\deployments\ServerApps.ear\APP-INF\classes\D2.lockbox

    Checks credentials:

    14:48:05,570 INFO  [stdout] (http- 14:48:05.570 [http-] INFO  145 - Read securities from D2.lockbox

    Then reports these being empty:

    14:48:05,570 INFO  [stdout] (http- 14:48:05.570 [http-] DEBUG 145 - Could not find item 'D2-JMS.*.password' in D2.lockbox

    14:48:05,586 INFO  [stdout] (http- 14:48:05.586 [http-] WARN  145 - D2-JMS property in D2 lockbox is empty or not defined.

    Would it be possible for you reconfigure Lockbox?  As you go through the process of running "...java com.emc.common.java.crypto.SetLockboxProperty C:\Documentu

    m\D2\Lockbox D2Method.passphrase documentum"

    Then make sure file is created:


    Please try these steps and let us know the outcome. Thanks.

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    Hi Jens,

    Please check this KB article for troubleshooting lockbox issue: https://support.emc.com/kb/334540

    Also check the path is using backward slash '\' instead of forward slash '/' in D2-Config/WEB-INF/classes/D2-config.properties



  • edited September 14, 2016

    Hi devtools,

    thanks for your response.

    - I've checked the lockbox path and its ok.

    - Regenerate Lockbox on Windows(ContentServer and JMS) works with DOS command on Linux unfortunatelly not, I'd to use the grafical D2 Installer.

    D2 Config running on the Windows machine in a Tomcat throws "Unable to decrypt JMS response" on login.

    I have no more ideas how to fix this :-(

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    Hi khoot,

    thanks for response, path is correct.

  • AjayAjay EM mod
    edited September 14, 2016

    Hi Jens

    Based on the discussion and research thus far, we have determined that this issue is better suited to be logged as a Service Request. If you’re entitled to receive SR support, please request your authorized contact to open an SR.

    Please be sure to include the community discussion link/URL in your SR.



  • AjayAjay EM mod
    edited September 20, 2016 Accepted Answer

    The issue was resolved by creating the lockbox again on application server and Content Server.

    There was problem with LD_LIBRARY_PATH, below is a support note that address the path issue


  • Does anyone have an updated link which work today ?

  • If you have problems with our Lockbox, try to recreate it. On Linux & Windos the command shell is the best way to do this.

    It is a bit tricky to get it runnng with all the libraries and so, but than its easy. Maybe this one will help you:


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