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Not able to login to Express/Admin Center after the first time change to temporary password

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I got the standard welcome email with temporary password along with hyperlinks to Open Express and Admin Center

1. The hyperlink behind OPEN EXPRESS doesn't even open

2. The Admin Center hyperlink opened the first time to give my first name/last name, temporary password and choose my new password. I completed selecting password.

Now when I refreshed and opened the session in new browser and trying to login to Admin Center with new password but doesn't work

I am getting TokenError: Invalid authorization code: 092neG

The URL I am being directed to is - https://mc.saas.emcond.com

I am entering the correct new password which I set few minutes back

My user profile

Murali Krishnan

Email: [email protected]

Kindly help


  • edited June 14, 2017

    Hello Murali,

    Could you try https://mc.saas.emcond.com/mc/myapps/ to login to Leap my app site? Do you see “Sign In” page? And can you login?

    If cannot login not due to invalid password, could you clear browser cache or run the browser in Incognito mode, and try it again?

    If cannot login due to invalid password, try reset it via “Forgot Password” link in Leap my app site “Sign In” page - note, temporary password provided in reset password email might have unnecessary trailing space, so make sure to remove any unnecessary space before copy/paste it to login.

    Once login to Leap my app site, check whether you see Express under “My Apps” section : click on it will direct you to Apple iTunes site. If you are trying to download Express app to your iOS device, can also go to Apple App Store from the device, search for “OpenText Express” or “Leap Express” - you will need Apple account to download it to your mobile device. Let us know how this goes.


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