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Upcoming enhancement to Supplier Exchange Deliverable Sets

Next week we will introduce an enhancement to Supplier Exchange deliverable sets.  Deliverable sets were introduced as a feature earlier this year to streamline submissions to Capital Projects and allow a cover sheet to be included with a submission.

The upcoming enhancement will allow you to bulk update values for Issue Reason, Revision, and Return Code when submitting the deliverable set.  Values are required for Issue Reason and Revision to submit a deliverable.  Having different Issue Reason values in a set may cause consistency problems to that set.

In the past, these values had to be set individually in each deliverable.  This enhancement allows values to be assigned for all deliverables at once in the Deliverable Set submission screen.


All values available in the contract are displayed from drop down lists in the Deliverable Set submission screen.  Once the correct value is selected, clicking Update Values will commit the selected value to each deliverable’s properties.  Once the values have been updated, the Next button becomes available to allow you to continue with the submission.

This enhancement will be available in production no later than Thursday, March 30. 

Glenn Rupert
Sr Product Manager

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