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Not able to view my discussions


I posted few discussions. I am not able to view those in the link

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  • Hello,

    Sorry to hear you're not able to view your discussions and comments. I verified what you reported and can see that, while your profile shows the number of your discussions and comments, you cannot actually view that activity.

    I have made an update to the settings that should resolve this issue. However, it does not appear to be retroactive. So, it still does not allow you to view your past activity but it should allow you to view any new activity going forward.

    Please let me know if this is not the case and I can look into this again.

    Thanks & regards,

    David Colvin
    Systems Manager | Digital Customer Experience


  • Hi David,

    Thanks for the reply.

    I didn't note down the IDs of my past discussions. I tried to check in the Notifications page [https://communities.opentext.com/forums/profile/notifications]. I could see few notifications. When I clicked a link [https://communities.opentext.com/forums/discussion/comment/601128#Comment_601128] it showed "Permission Problem. You don't have permission to do that."

    Could you please share the IDs of my past discussions and resolve this access issue?

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