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HotFixes for Imaging Professional 2.5

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HotFix 11:

When using the ImgEdit control, annotation attributes cannot be changed and then used by the Draw method if the SelectTool method had previously been called. Even specifying a ToolID of zero in the call to SelectTool does not correct the problem.

The ImgEdit control will now allow the annotation attributes to be changed after the SelectTool method is called with a ToolID parameter of zero.

When using the Imaging Professional standalone application or WorkDesk with Imaging Professional as the viewer, there is a problem with creating certain rubber stamps. Custom image rubber stamps, created via Annotation / Rubber Stamps / Create Image, do not work correctly. When applied to an image, no stamp appears on the image and no error is generated.

This HotFix allows custom image rubber stamps to be applied to the image in the Imaging Professional standalone application and WorkDesk with Imaging Professional as the viewer.


HotFix 10:

Problems accessing 1.x servers after installing Imaging Professional 2.5 over Imaging Professional 2.0
The silent installation of Imaging Professional fails with a result code -12 "there is no silent install response file for the 1.x client install".

The installation of the 1.x Server Access Component can be done silently, if the server address and port number are accounted for prior to performing the installation.


HotFix 9:

The Imaging Professional application loads slowly if the default printer is off-line.


HotFix 8:

This HotFix corrects a bug in the in FindFirstFile and FindNextFile methods of the Server Access Object (SAO) where these two functions would miss the first file out of every 20 returned. Also, the SAO has been enhanced by adding two new methods. The GetKeywords method of the SAO can be used to get the keywords stored in the specified 1.x document. The SetKeywords method of the SAO can be used to set the keywords stored in the specified 1.x document.

The Server Access Object (SAO) has been enhanced by adding two new methods. The CopyDocument method of the SAO allows the source document to be copied to a specified destination document, optionally overwriting the specified destination document. The GetDocumentDates method of the SAO can be used to obtain the creation and modification dates of the current document.


HotFix 7:

After many repetitions, either the ClipboardCopy or ClipboardPaste method of the ImgEdit control will fail.


HotFix 5:

If the NameServer property value is modified since the previous LoginToServer call, the new/updated NameServer value is not used the next time LoginToServer is called. Therefore, the client still connects to the previous server.


HotFix 4:

Certain very large image files can cause the application to crash when it tries to save the file.


HotFix 3:
Superceded and replaced by HotFix 11

HotFix 2:
Superceded and replaced by HotFix 8

HotFix 1:
Any Flow that used user input variables of type "Number" or "Date/Time" was saved incorrectly. This caused errors the next time the Flow was opened. This fix prevents this problem, but does not enable already damaged Flows to be opened.

Every time you modified a variable definition, the zone was moved slightly to the upper left and got slightly smaller.

If you selected an input zone while you were zoomed into the image, the zone placement information was messed up, resulting in the wrong portion of the image being displayed when the flow ran.

The image displayed in the data entry dialog was not always updated when the next document was processed.


Note: for language localized versions of Imaging Professional 2.5 (Dutch, French, German, Italian, and Swedish)

Due to the manufacturing process of language localized software, HotFixes 1 through 5 are already included with the localized versions of Pro 2.5. Subsequent HotFixes are not included and localized versions of all HotFixes are required, before they can be applied to the localized versions of Pro 2.5. If you should need a localized version of a HotFix, please contact [email protected] with your request.

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