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HotFixes for Imaging for Windows 2.7

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HotFix 31

HotFix 31 completely replaces and supersedes all preceding Imaging 2.7 HotFixes.

If a newer version of Internet Explorer is installed after Imaging for Windows, or after an Imaging for Windows Hotfix, there may be a problem running the ActiveX controls in HTML or with Microsoft Office. To resolve this problem, either merge the registry file, activex compatibility - restore.reg (included in this Hotfix package), into the system registry by double-clicking on the file or re-install this HotFix.

Issues Resolved:

HotFix 31:
This hotfix corrects a problem introduced in HotFix 27 in which open file handles were causing Path/File Access errors after opening a certain number of files.


Please see the attachment for all previous hotfixes.

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