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Is my scanner compatible with Imaging For Windows?

Answer from OpenText:

OpenText Imaging for Windows does not do any scanner or driver testing.

Imaging for Windows supports drivers using Twain version 1.9

Make sure that you have the TWAIN driver installed and not the ISIS driver, because Imaging for Windows can only use the TWAIN driver.

Imaging for Windows uses the TWAIN 1.9 interface to access TWAIN-compatible scanners. Check with your scanner manufacturer to see if a data source is available to support TWAIN 1.9.

You should also verify that your scanner is supported on your Windows operating system.

Make sure that you can use the TWAIN Drivers built-in tools to control the scanner. Imaging for Windows makes an "acquire" call to the TWAIN driver, and waits for the driver to respond. If that driver is not responding you will receive an error.

It is also recommended that you use the latest hotfix, found in the Updates section.

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