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Understanding the different licensing methods

The Different versions of Imaging for Windows have separate licensing methods.

Out-of-the-box applications

  • associated to the Imaging for Windows Full Application

The registration program is accessible from the Imaging application. This registration will require the user to enter the unique serial number they received with their order. This input will be used to create a register.dat file based on unique aspect of the workstation and the serial number . The register.dat needs to be e-mailed to [email protected] . Within 2 business days a Registration code will be e-mailed back which will allow the user to complete the registration by entering this code.

The first time the user starts the Imaging application the trial period will be initiate. After that, every start of Imaging will produce a reminder message of the time left in the trial. After 14 days the only option is to register the product. Canceling the registration after the trail period has expired will abort the Imaging application.

Program interfaces (OCX)

  • typically associated to the Imaging for Windows Developer resources

As a part of this order, a unique Imaging.lic file will be created and e-mail to the customer. This file must be located on every workstation where Imaging for Windows is installed to allow custom program to access the Imaging for Windows program interface (OCX). The custom program must first perform the LicenseCheck() method, referring to the location of the Imaging.lic file, before calling any of the other Imaging for Windows program interfaces (OCX) function.

To use the trial Imaging for Windows program interface (OCX), the licenseCheck() method must be added to the program calling the Imaging for Windows OCX. However the function does not need to point to an actual license file. A null (“”) will satisfy the trial. The return code will be the remaining time period of the trial. After 14 days the licenseCheck() must have the path of a valid Imaging.lic file to function. For more information on how to use the licenseCheck() method see the IMGOCXD.chm help file and the Devguide.pdf both delivered with your software package.

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