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Using Imaging


How do I improve the quality of my OCR output?

There are several actions you may take to improve OCR accuracy:

  • Increase the font size - Larger fonts work better than small fonts (5 to 10 point). Small fonts OCR well only if the image quality is high.
  • Increase resolution - A 200 dpi image will OCR better than a 100dpi image; a 400 dpi image will OCR better than a 200 dpi image. However, increasing the image resolution requires more disk space.
  • Remove smudges - Not only physical smudges, but poorly printed letters. For example, a memo that is printed on a typewriter with dirty letters will not OCR well. The Remove Speckles function in Imaging for Windows may remove some of the "spots" on an image.
  • Do not use color - The OCR process is performed on black and white images. The conversion of the text or background from color to black and white may make the letters appear muddy. Black letters on a white background is the best scenario.

What OCR technology does Imaging for Windows use?

  • Imaging for Windows uses Textbridgeâ OCR Technology by ScanSoft.


I prefer a different print option (for example, Fit to Page) than the standard default for Imaging. How do I set this?

You may select the print option you desire by using the Options button to the left of the OK button on the Print dialog box. This setting is the print default for that Imaging session. You cannot permanently alter the print default used by Imaging for Windows.

How do I print a selected area of the image, rather than the entire page?

If you wish to print a selected area in Imaging for Windows, use the selection rectangle to select an area, and then either use the ‘Selection’ print range on the print dialog or select Edit->Crop in Imaging. Selecting ‘Crop’ in Imaging will delete the area outside of the selection rectangle. Then print the page. If you don't want to permanently crop the page, make sure you do not save the image, as this will save the cropped page.

You may wish to control the sizing of the image when it prints, by selecting the Options…button to the left of the OK button on the Print dialog box.

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