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What is the Imaging for Windows Developer Resources?

The Imaging for windows Developer Resources is a separately packaged and licensed offering that enables an organization to leverage powerful, highly-developed ActiveX controls to create robust custom applications with embedded imaging capabilities.

The Imaging for windows ActiveX controls enable software developers to add imaging capabilities to custom applications and programs that support ActiveX, including Visual Basic and Visual C++. The following controls are included with the Imaging for windows Developer

Resources offering:

  • Image Administration Control – Administers image files, provides common dialog boxes for image operations and manipulates pages within an image file.
  • Image Edit Control – Displays, annotates, manipulates, and manages image files.
  • Image Annotation Tool Button Control – Adds text and graphical annotations to displayed image files.
  • Image Scan Control – Scans paper documents via TWAIN-compatible scanners.
  • Image Thumbnail Control – Displays thumbnail views of images contained in an image file.
  • Image OCR Control – Converts image files to formatted, editable text.
  • Image PDF Control – Adds PDF display and print functions to applications.

To purchase the Imaging for Windows Developer Resources, visit www.global360.com.

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