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Welcome to Life Sciences Express. The first time you login, you probably see a home page screen like this:

The home page is comprised of the following components for quick access to your information:

  • A title bar with access to this home page; user tasks; collections of content, forms and locations; the repository cabinets and folders; simple search; a summary of this product and logout
  • A welcome message with your user name and the connected repository
  • Three panels with summaries of your user tasks; recent accessed and favorite item collections; and provided searches

Tasks represent manual items sent to you requiring your review, approval or feedback. Collections are user created and provided assemblies of documents, forms, folders or cabinets of interest. Browse shows the user all accessible cabinets, folders and contained contents. Finally, search shows all content, forms or folders matching on the provided search with the ability to refine the search by provided facets. The following sections review each of these interfaces: to your tasks, your collections, the cabinets and folders accessible in the repository, and your search results

  • Selecting "opentext", the product name or double helix returns you to the home page from any other page
  • Selecting TASKS takes you to your tasks page from any other page
  • Selecting COLLECTIONS take you to your collections from any other page
  • Selecting BROWSE takes you to the browse page from any other page
  • Selecting the magnifying glass entry lets you search on entered term(s)
  • And selecting the user initials icon lets you access the About dialog or log out of Life Sciences Express

As you receive workflow tasks, start viewing different documents, and marking those document, or forms, or locations as favorites, your home page panels expands with these items.

The Complete Something panel now shows six tasks. Sorted by date, you see two received yesterday and four older than two weeks ago. Selecting the down caret next to YESTERDAY or OLDER compresses that group. Selecting any of the task cards opens that task to complete!

The Work on Something panel shows five recently accessed items and ten favorites. Since three collection cards show by default, SHOW MORE doubles the number of cards shown. As with task groups, selecting the down caret next to RECENT or FAVORITES compresses that group. Selecting the vertical ellipses to the right of each collection card shows the provided actions to perform, such as view, properties, timeline (of events) or locate. Selecting the green title area of the Work on Something panel opens your collection page where you also access collections you have created or are provided based upon your role.

Howard Savin
Sr Product Manager

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