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Life Sciences Express Task Page

The Life Sciences Express Tasks Page allows users to quickly access, review, and complete assigned workflow tasks. The Tasks Page dynamically adapts and shows selected tasks, actions, attachments, and supporting information on a single screen enabling you to view the information necessary on one screen while performing the requested actions. Users access their tasks on the Tasks Page in three ways

  1. Selecting TASKS from the title bar
  2. Selecting the Complete Something panel header on the home page
  3. Selecting a specific task linked in the Complete Something panel

When you select a task card from your home page, the task page displays with the task selected. Here is an example of selected review task with one attachment

The list of tasks shows on the left. Here, we see six task, sorted by date, with the first task selected. The selected task has a blue header and expands showing the icon and name of the user who commenced this workflow. Selecting the DATE sort provides additional sorting by date sent, task name, and assigned by (sender). Selecting the "X" next to the sort selection closes the task list.

To the right are the task details. At the top is the task name, task actions, and task instructions. The "accept" task action is in a green oval with green font. The "reject" action is in a red oval with red font. If users can delegate the task to other performers, the delegate action follows on the right in grey oval and font. The vertical ellipses provides further action to add a comment. Below the task actions are the first two lines of the task instructions. If the instructions exceed two lines, the SHOW MORE link expands the instructions.

Beneath the task actions and instructions, and separated by a horizontal divider, is the task attachment(s) and viewer. The selected attachment shows with a format icon followed by the attachment name and title. To the right is an attachment selector. If more than one attachment was routed in this task, the selector provides quick selection of the first attachment (<<), prior attachment (<), specific attachment, next attachment (>), or last attachment (>>). The vertical ellipses provide access to the attachment properties, timeline, and related documents.

Below the attachment summary and selector is an embedded Brava! viewer showing the selected attachment. Here, the thumbnail panel has been selected (left-most icon) to show selectable thumbnails of each page. Selecting the vertical ellipses for the attachment and properties shows the attachment properties in an accordion control to the right of the Brava! viewer. The task list is compressed to a tick list icon for more viewing area for the attachment and its properties.

Selecting the timeline from the attachment vertical ellipses shows a summary of events for the current and prior versions of the task attachment

Select the "X" next to the vertical ellipses to close this panel and return to the prior task list and details view.

To complete the task, select the accept action in the green oval and font. If an e-signature is required, the displayed approval dialog prompts for user name, password and indication, with optional comment. Only after the mandatory fields are entered is the approval action button enabled.

To reject the task, select the reject action in red oval and font. If a comment is required, the displayed rejection dialog reject action button enables upon entering the comment. A confirmation message displays upon completion, and the task is removed from your task list.

To delegate the task to another user, select DELEGATE and the new performer. The delegate button shows enabled once the performer is selected.

Howard Savin
Sr Product Manager

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