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Life Sciences Express Collections Page

Collections are assemblies of documents, forms, cabinets or folder locations useful for quick access to perform your work. Life Sciences Express provides three types of collections:

• Two public collections provided to all users, their recently accessed items and favorites
• Domain collections of useful documents and forms reflecting your role
• User collections created by you

Selecting COLLECTIONS in the title bar or the center pane title area from the Home Page displays the Collections Page. The collections shown have the following order:

• The two public collections, Recently Viewed and Favorites
• User collections
• Domain collections

The card view on the right, above the first collection, allows you to toggle between the card view shown above and a row view that displays more cards on teh screen

You also can dynamically filter the collections displayed by selecting Showing All Collections after FILTER:. As you de-select collections, they are immediately removed and the FILTER hyperlink updates reflecting the number of collections showing of the total

To create a new user collection, select the + in a circle after My Collections and New Collection. A new collection area is created prompting for the collection name. Enter the name and select SAVE to create a new user collection.

Finally, you can drag and drop collection cards within or between your user collections as shown below. To perform, click and hold or tap and hold, then drag the card to the target location.

Howard Savin
Sr Product Manager

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