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Life Sciences Express Browse Page

The Browse Page shows accessible cabinets, folders and contained contents. The Browse Page displays in two ways:

  1. Selecting BROWSE in the title bar opens a view of the entire repository showing all accessible cabinets
  2. Selecting Locate from the vertical ellipses of a collection card opens a direct path to the target folder and only that card as the target folder contents

In addition, upon returning to the Browse Page, you are shown the last location you had opened.

When the locate action is run from the vertical ellipses action menu of a collection or search card, only that document shows in a direct patch to the top-level repository

Otherwise, you can click through the folders to the content you seek. With each folder selection, the breadcrumbs above the cards updates reflecting the new selected folder

Selecting any of the documents shrinks the cabinet folder panel to a tick list and shows the document in a right panel via the Brava viewer

Selecting timeline from the vertical ellipses above the viewer, again adjusts the panels shown the viewer in the center panel and the timeline in the right panel with an additional curved arrow to return to the folder view

Selecting the curved arrow opens a three panel view of the folder contents, viewer and timeline

Finally, if you select Add to Collection... you can add the selection to an existing user collection or new user collection

Howard Savin
Sr Product Manager

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