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Life Sciences Express provides three different ways to rapidly search and find the information you are seeking. Each search enables the same simple means to further filter or sort the results. The three searches provided are:

  1. On the home page, My Documents and My Checked Out Documents run pre-defined queries of the documents you created or have locked for editing
  2. Selecting a search string from the menu bar matches on documents, forms and locations by property values or document contents
  3. Select Search from the vertical ellipse menu of document or folder collection cards or browse cards to find what is related to the selected card

Below is example search results from a simple search on "clinical" matching documents where key properties or content contain clinical. This search found 2780 matches showing 25 results per page. On the left, the facet categories and matched values appear as configured in your life sciences repository. On the right, above the search result cards, is a page selector where the first, prior, specific, next or last page can be selected. Below the page select, the means of sorting the results and ascending or descending are also selectable

As facets are selected on the left, the results dynamically filter on the right matching the selected facet values and showing the value selections in blue. In addition, as values in one category are selected, the match counts in other categories update. Below, the 2780 results have reduced to 20 by selecting matches pertaining to clinical trial 310555 with status approved, effective or final

Selecting a matching document adjusts the screen reducing the facet panel to a tick list icon, showing the results in the middle and the document in a right panel.

From the vertical ellipses above the viewer, you can also select to see the timeline, related documents (if applicable) and properties as shown here:

Finally, if you select Add to Collection... from a search result card, you can add the result to an existing user collection or new user collection

Howard Savin
Sr Product Manager

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