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"Open Text Failed" error message???

One of my drafters was doing a spell check and it came back with a "Open Text Failed" error message. Any ideas what might be causing this??



  • rappardrappard Martin van Rappard EM

    Hi @Golitadea,

    That error message seems rather generic - are you sure it originates from an OpenText product?

    Martin van Rappard
    Technical Support Engineer III

  • I think I have your answer!

    I got the same error on a page of wall sections. Our wall section drawings with elevation tags and bearing text are in an x-ref. The actual sheet(s) with the sections has this X-Ref brought in and then all the notes for each section go on the sheet. If I do a spell check for the entire drawing it sees the text in the X-ref and gives the "Open Text Failed" message and if you hit OK it will pop up over an over for each piece of text in the xref. Once it passes those it works fine. If I do a spell check and select only the text in that sheet then it works fine with no error. I tried doing a spell check and selected only the X-Ref which has 11 pieces of text in it and the "Open Text Failed" message popped up 11 times and then said "Spelling Check Complete"

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