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Follow these steps to personalize your experience in OpenText Forums:

Display Name

  • If you have not signed in yet, you will be asked to set a Display Name
  • If you want to build your professional reputation, we suggest using FirstName_LastName. However, the choice it yours!

NOTE: You must sign in to access the FAQ links included in the following steps.

Follow Product Categories

  • All OpenText products have a forum available for our experts to engage in conversation. This means that the list of forums will be quite lengthy, so we have a Follow feature that will refine your list to only those that you choose.
    * NOTE: This feature does not automatically sign you up for email notifications yet; if you also want to be notified of new posts/comments by email, please follow the steps listed below.
    UPDATE: As of August 10, 2021, you can now control your email notifications preferences for each category that you follow. Please check out the updated Notification Preferences!

Add your Signature

  • We offer the option to set your signature. This is a one-time setting; your signature will automatically display with each post and comment. Click on the gear icon in the upper right and Edit Profile.

Set Email Notifications

  • In order to watch all conversations, we suggest setting up your email notifications. By default, you will receive an email notification when comments are made to your posts, and when you are mentioned - unless you deselect that as a preference.

Bookmark Posts

  • There will be posts that require more thought - in order to 'flag' posts to quickly find later, try the Bookmark feature.
  • This feature will also send you email notifications on new comments made to the thread.

Locating Your Product Category

  • If you are signed in and do not see your product, please upgrade your account to include My Support access by clicking here.

  • Those with My Support access will see the complete list of all OpenText products. To quickly locate your product, click on "Forums" in the site menu, then type the product name to access the forum.

    • After you select the ones you want to follow, it will be much easier to locate and participate.

  • More FAQs are available to help you get the most out of your OpenText Forums experience.
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Q: I don't see my product listed, how do I get access to it?

A: If you don't see your product, please be sure to upgrade your account to include "My Support access".

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