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Editing on Andriod

edited May 8, 2015 in Mobile
I have downloaded the Android App and I love it.
I see that there is a MAC OS and a Windows Client for editing. Is there a roadmap to enable editing on Adnroid, too?


  • Jay WeirJay Weir Sr. Technical Program Manager EM mod
    edited January 27, 2015
    Hi Marcel,

    The FAQ (in this forum) has some detail on the editing capabilities of the Core apps but, basically:

    You can edit with OpenText Core mobile apps by using the "Open in..." feature. While I am on iOS I believe that Android has a similar behavior/method. On iPhone, using the Core app, to edit a file I:

    1) Click on a file in the Files list to view it
    2) When it opens in the viewer, tap the More button ("ooo") and tap "Open in"
    3) Select an app to open and edit the file (such as Docs to Go, or Quick Office for a Word file
    4) Edit the file and, when you are done, select "Open in" from the app. Then select OpenText Core.
    5) You should be brought back to the OpenText Core app and be prompted for a location to save
    6) If you select the original location of the file you will be asked whether you want a new version of the file or a new file to be saved to Core. If you select a different location, the file will be saved as a new file.

    Please note: Currently Office Mobile, Google Docs, and some other productivity apps do not support "Open in" for OpenText Core or other file sharing and collaboration apps (only Open in to OneDrive or Google Drive). However, many apps that will edit Office docs or other files (such as PDF editors) will work.

    Hope this helps.

    Jay Weir
    OpenText Core Community Forum Moderator

    Jay Weir
    Sr. Communications Specialist

  • Hi Marcel,

    My phone is android based too.. I'm using Officesuite Pro as for viewing/editing the file and it works like a beauty!

    Just suggesting an app to use! ;) Good luck!

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