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Opening file link on mobile/tablet devices

edited March 6, 2015 in Mobile
Is there ability to open video files via shared link specifically, not via shared file, when using mobile or tablet devices?  In my case this is being investigated on iOS 8.

Both images and video will load and play via desktop if format is supported.
Images seem to work fine but the video player for non-desktop does not seem to load in Safari or Chrome for mobile.  I have validated that the video is compatible.

My use case is as follows for mobile/tablet devices:
  1. User receives link to a compatible video file via email
  2. User clicks on link in email
  3. Link opens in
    1. Mobile/tablet browser for playback
    2. Launches the Core application for playback within the Core app

Note on 3.2 - if the Share file (Collaborator) email would launch the Core app rather than trying to download the file when on mobile that would be sufficient as well.


  • Karen WeirKaren Weir Moderator EM admin
    Thank you for posting your inquiry with such detail!

    Let me run a few tests here to confirm the scenario, then I will post the answer/findings.

    Core Community Moderator

    Karen Weir
    Forum Moderator

  • Karen WeirKaren Weir Moderator EM admin
    edited February 19, 2015
    Thank you for your patience,

    We have replicated the scenario on multiple devices, and have the following update for you:
    • 3.1:   Videos shared with non-Core users launching in mobile browser
      • This one is being investigated by the team
    • 3.2 :  Videos shared with Core users will launch in Core app viewer
      • This one is actually based on the users' apps settings, so it is working as designed

    I will post here when more updates are available, thanks again for submitting this great feedback!

    Core Community Moderator

    Karen Weir
    Forum Moderator

  • As an extension for 3.2:
    If the user goes directly to the Core app and checks their Shared -> "Shared With Me" section it works just fine.

    3.2 is more of a user experience comment than anything else.
    The desire is that the link received via email should launch the core app, if they have it on their device, as a Core user.
    If they are not a Core user or do not have the app, launch in a browser.

    If you are saying that it is a setting on the device to auto-launch the Core app from the email link then please let me know where this can be set.

    Thank you very much for following up on this, Karen!

  • Hello Colin,

    Thanks for the follow up question!

    To follow up on Karen's answer, I would suggest checking out the Support FAQ under the section “Working with Files” for more information.

    The first three subsections should help explain file sharing

    To clarify, if you are talking about a "Link" to any file, regardless of whether or not the recipient of the "Link" has a CORE account, "Links" will always open in a browser or download directly. Only using the core function of "Inviting Collaborators" will make the file open in CORE when the user goes to view it.

    I hope I understood your question/comment correctly. 

    Please let me know if any clarification is needed.

    Core Community Moderator

  • Thanks for the follow-up, Alex.

    I understand the flows within the application and appreciate the suggestion for the FAQs. 
    My comments are related to two slightly different observations:
    1. In iOS8 when opening a link to a video file I find that it doesn't play in the browser.  It appears to be that the video player for the browser does not load when on a mobile device.
    2. This was more of a feature request or general usability comment that it may desirable to open the Core app from an email link if the user has the app installed.  This is kind of a moot point if #1 works flawlessly when on mobile devices.
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