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Departing Colleague

If I have access to files on a colleagues Core account and we have been collaborating/sharing work files, if that colleague leaves the organization, how can I ensure we still have access to those files?



  • Karen WeirKaren Weir Moderator EM admin
    HI Agnes,

    Simply update the the permissions to assign another colleague as "Manager".

    Core Community Moderator

    Karen Weir
    Forum Moderator

  • Is this the only way to reassign ownership of shares?  

    I am the administrator of my tenant, should I just delete the users or is there a way to manage this without losing files?

    Thanks, Rai
  • edited May 14, 2015
    Hi Rai,

    Great question, thank you for reaching out to the Support team.

    If you delete users all content will be lost, so that wouldn't be the best option for you.

    The team built in the ability for tenant administrators to disable users and delegate their content, which will retain the integrity of the files and their history.

    To manage users:
    1. Click on Users in the left menu
    2. Click on the Actions button for the user(s) you want to manage
    3. Click on the Disable button at the top
    4. Switch your view of users from Active to Disabled (menu in the top right)
    5. Click on the Actions button for the disabled user(s)
    6. Click on the Delegate button at the top
    I hope this answers your question, please let me know if you need additional information about managing users in your tenant.

    Core Community Moderator

  • Hi Core team,

    I have a departed colleague which he forgotten to assign us as the owner of the core folders when it was shared. How can I request to get ownership of those folders now that we can't login using his ID login anymore to update the permission.

  • Jay WeirJay Weir Sr. Technical Program Manager EM mod
    Hi Kenneth,

    Please contact [email protected] directly with your question and the team will let you know how to proceed.


    Jay Weir
    OpenText Core Communications

    Jay Weir
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