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TIP: Definitions of "User Types"

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There are a number of defined user “statuses” in OpenText Core to help administrators keep track of their Core environment and to manage available licenses/user quota. 

The types of users and a brief explanation for each:


These are people within an OpenText Core environment that have been invited, have accepted the email invitation, and count toward the total user quota in the system. 


These are users who have been invited and added to the system but have not yet accepted their email invitation to the OpenText Core environment. This type of user does not count toward the user quota for the environment (until they accept the invitation).


These are people who have had access to OpenText Core suspended by the administrator. For example, in some cases, such as long-term disability or maternity leave, there might be a policy in place to restrict access to corporate systems. The administrator will want to keep the user and all their files, but make sure that access to Core is not possible for the duration of the leave. Also, an administrator may want to “lock” a user to investigate activity (especially in the case of an outside or public user of a corporate OpenText Core environment). Once the investigation is complete, the user can be “unlocked” or otherwise managed.


These are people that have been assigned for removal from the OpenText Core environment. The user will not be able to access the system but their files will remain so that administrators can delegate the management/ownership of those files. Disabled users are permanently deleted after 90 days from the time they were marked. Administrators can still allocate their files to other users or re-enable them within this 90-day period. Users marked as “Disabled” are immediately anonymized, and all links/shares they have created are removed. If re-enabled at a later date, a disabled user’s shares and links will NOT be restored.
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