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Part 1: Authentication Setup

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Single Sign On (SSO) Authentication Setup with OpenText Core

1.  Under "Admin" click "SSO" and then "Configure" to set up your identity provider (IdP) metadata. 


2. Enter your IdP metadata URL or upload the XML file.  

Your metadata file should be located at:


Make sure you are accessing through HTTPS.  Alternatively, you can upload the XML file with the metadata.


3.  Download the OpenText Core XML file or copy the XML URL to your clipboard.


4.  On your organization's Active Directory Federation Services or IdP, navigate to "Trust Relationships" then "Relying Party Trusts" and click "Add Relying Party Trust".


5.  In the "Add Relying Part Trust Wizard", paste the metadata URL that you copied to the clipboard or specify the OpenText Core file that you downloaded earlier.


6.  Click "next" and enter OpenText Core as the "Display Name".   Click "Next" through the end and click "Finish".

There are no further values to modify or enter at this time.

7.  Right click the OpenText Core Service which was just created and select "Edit Claim Rules".


8.  In the "Edit Claim Rules" dialog, select "Send LDAP Attribute as Claims" and then select "Active Directory" as the "Attribute Store".

Finally, map "E-Mail Addresses" as an LDAP attribute to "E-Mail Address" as an Outgoing Claim Type


Click "Finish"

9.  Add a second rule to "Transform an Incoming Claim".  Set the "Incoming Claim Type" as "E-Mail Address"  then the "Outgoing Claim Type" as "Name ID" and finally, "Outgoing Name ID Format" as "E-Mail".


Click "Finish".

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