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Cannot sync from Mobile App to my desktop

Hi. I have logged into my Core account in both my mobile app and desktop but my files will not sync.


  • Jay WeirJay Weir Sr. Technical Program Manager EM mod
    edited December 9, 2016
    Hi Tom,

    Sorry for your experience and for OpenText Core misbehaving. I have some good news, however - you can read more about it on the blog at http://bit.ly/2hbgRAs, but basically we just launched a new desktop client that features True Selective Sync (select exactly what you want synced between your devices and the cloud).

    You will need to update your desktop client (should be version 16.10.0). Once you've done that, you'll be presented with the option to enable desktop sync and choose a file folder location for your synced files, then whether you want to sync everything or select files to sync.

    You can also update your app by visiting Google Play or the App Store to make sure you have the latest.

    Hopefully this fixes the issue but let me know otherwise and we'll continue to troubleshoot.

    Kind regards,
    Jay Weir - OpenText Core Communications 

    Jay Weir
    Sr. Communications Specialist

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