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Version 18.4.1 - Enhanced Search, Audit for Integrations, App Extensions , Improved Workflows, More

Jay WeirJay Weir Sr. Technical Program ManagerEM mod
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What’s new in this release

The team has worked hard to fix known issues,
improve overall performance, and deliver new features to make sure you get the
best file sharing and collaboration service possible.

In this release, you will find:


OpenText Core App Extensions gives a simple
"builder“ experience so that users can create their own content objects
for the collection, ingestion, organization, storage, review and manipulation
of various types of data (structured and unstructured).

With App Extensions, users can build quick and
easy "apps“ (forms with data and file collection capabilities) that give a
richer content collaboration experience in OpenText Core. An app can be used
for anything where collecting data (and relevant file attachments) is useful, including
collecting results for a customer survey, an employee pulse survey, or gathering
required bid information from suppliers for an important project.

This information can then be reviewed, shared,
manipulated or even exported in support of a customer’s specific business
processes and requirements.

and Fixes to Workflows in OpenText Core

New capabilities have been added to the quick-and-easy
to build workflows in OpenText Core, including:

File lock management from
within the Workflows page

Create and launch a workflow
without leaving the Files List vs. using the dedicated Workflows page in
OpenText Core

Ability to edit “in-process”
workflows (previously not supported)

Fixes to restrictions and
overall behavior

File Activity Audit for Integrations with OpenText Core

For organizations taking advantage of
integrations between OpenText Core and other systems, including the Content Server integration for
collaborating on files with external users, actions performed on files
throughout the collaboration will now be captured and recorded as part of the
Audit History in OpenText Core.

This means, for example, if a user  performs an action on a file in Content Server
that is being shared with Core collaborators, it will now be included as part
of that file’s audit. This could be anything from locking the file, deleting
the file, editing or adding a draft, and a number of other file actions. Previously,
actions on files shared between the two systems was not captured by OpenText
Core as part of the file’s audit.

… Continued in next post... 

Jay Weir
Sr. Communications Specialist


  • Jay WeirJay Weir Sr. Technical Program Manager EM mod
    edited November 1, 2018
    Version 18.4.1 - What's New … Continued from post above...

    Search Engine

    A lot of work has gone into providing OpenText
    Core users a much better search experience. This means getting at the right
    information faster and easier so that things get done faster!

    The new search experience goes well beyond the
    previous basic text search to include phrase, proximity, and "fuzzy“ queries.
    By using standard search operators, users will get a result set that is far more
    accurate than in previous versions and makes it a lot easier to locate exactly
    what they were looking for.

    For a full list of operators and a more
    detailed experience, please visit the OpenText Core Community Forum at core.opentext.com/support.

    Experience Improvement – Breadcrumb Context

    The team has enhanced the "breadcrumb
    trail“ while navigating OpenText Core on the web to make it easier to identify
    and get at where users have been and where they want to go.

    Fixes and Performance Improvements

    The team has worked to fix several high-priority

    Fixed several known issues
    related to single sign on (SSO) user access. This is only of concern to
    customers that have enabled SSO/Enterprise Login.

    Improved notification engine
    for better performance when sending/receiving notifications from the system

    Fixed a known issue where some
    users were unable to view their Trash page in their browser

    Additionally, the team has worked to tweak
    performance. You may notice some significant improvements in file
    upload/download and other operations in OpenText Core.

    Jay Weir
    Sr. Communications Specialist

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