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How to set-up integration with CS


I would like to ask how to set up integration with CS.

I´ve seen YT videos and tried to set it up according to those videos.

I´ve created "Confidential OAuth client", inserted values to "OpenText Core Settings" in CS Administration, after that, I´ve allowed otadmin and my test account external sharing. Nothing happened after I performed these settings.

I´ve tried to use "share" via Smart UI, but there was no option to select "share externally", instead of it, Outlook email message popped up.

Could you please help me to set-up integration with Content Server? Do some documentation exists for OpenText Core? I found only mentioned YT videos and this site which don´t provide many pieces of information.

In OpenText Core\Security, I´ve also tried to fill in "Content Server Integration" tab, but it writes Invalid OTDS URL specified

Kind regards,
Vít Jasanský
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