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Core Finder extension and icon overlays in macOS Mojave are not working


I have noticed that Core Finder extension and icon overlays in macOS Mojave are not working.  I found them to be turned off in macOS settings so I turned them on, but they do not stay on.



  • rborborrborbor EM mod
    edited January 14, 2019

    Hi Dave,


    Thank you for posting your issue in this forum. I would like to confirm if the icon you are referring
    is the Core Client icon? On what version of OpenText Core client are you using?
    Looking forward to your response.





    Core Community Moderator

  • I am using Core desktop client v18.4.2 on macOS Mojave 10.14.2.  

    I am talking about the file overlay icons that shows the state of the synced file.  Synced (green check box icon), syncing (blue in progress icon), or failed to sync (red icon).  Additionally this finder extension allows direct access to core sharing window from the synced file.  This all worked in macOS High Sierra.
  • Hi Dave,

    Thanks for additional information and for getting back to me. I will check this first in our environment and see if I'll have the same behavior. I'll get back to you once reproduced and hopefully can provide you solution or workaround.


    Core Community Moderator
  • Hi Dave,

    Please be informed that we are currently investigating this issue. We have similar reports of the same behavior with the said update from MacOS.  We will definitely get back to you once we have the result of the investigation.

    Best regards,

    Core Community Moderator

  • Jay WeirJay Weir Sr. Technical Program Manager EM mod
    Hi All,

    The team is aware of isolated issues related to the Mojave OS update for Mac. These are non-critical issues, similar to the missing overlays you mention, and do not impact the sharing and collaboration features of OpenText Core. Fixes for these issues will be made in future releases of OpenText Core. No impact on file integrity or anything else has been reported - just the "aesthetic" elements such as the overlays.

    Thanks for your note and I hope all else is well,


    Jay Weir
    Sr. Communications Specialist

  • Hi Jay,

    In the meantime is there any other way to see the status of file syncing on OSX Mojave 10.14.3? I just downloaded the desktop client for Core and am trying to sync about 15gb of files from my desktop up to Core.

    All the folders that were previously shared with me were synced down without any issues, but looking at the Web interface over the course of a week only one folder has been synced up to Core.

  • Hi Bryan,

    Thank you for your inquiry!

    I see that you want to check the status of file syncing on your CORE account.  For this, you may access the logs folder to see the status of the file syncing.  You can access it by clicking Settings>Log files>sync>logs in the CORE desktop application. Then, you'll be routed to a folder with multiple text documents. You may see the text file "sync-error.log" for any errors encountered upon file syncing.

    You've also mentioned that you're having issues with of not seeing all the folders that you've shared, for only one folder had synced with the CORE web version.  I'll try to replicate the issue on my end and let you know once I have updates.

    Thank you for your patience on this, Bryan.  I'll get back to you soon!

    Jess  Nierva
    CORE Community Moderator

  • jesperwergejesperwerge Technical manager, Imit ApS, Denmark

    is this fixed yet or still an outstanding issue?

  • This works really well for us mycfavisit, thank you!
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