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Share with Opentext Core doesn't work


I'm trying to configure integration with CS and it fails for me when I start the sharing function.
In CS when I select document and click Share > Share with Opentext Core a modal window is displayed where i'm asked to authenticate in core. When I enter my username I get blank page (in modal) and in browsers console I can see that there is an error related to cross-origin.

In Firefox: Load denied by X-Frame-Options: https://sso.core.opentext.com/otdsws/login?displayresult&RFA=... does not permit cross-origin framing.

Running CS 16.2.7, OTDS 16.4.3

Any suggestions where to look?

I've added https://sso.core.opentext.com and https://core.opentext.com to trusted sites in local OTDS; and also tried to add both in CS security > cross-domain list, e.g. OTcore;https://core.opentext.eu and OTDS;https://sso.core.opentext.eu but that didn't change anything.


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