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Is there any Out Of Box functionality/Job?Method to delete D2 Bin Content periodically?

Is there any Out Of Box Functionality/Job/Method to delete D2 Bin Content ( d2c_bin_deleted_document, d2c_bin_deleted_rendition, d2c_bin_deleted_folder) periodically, so we can optimize D2 Bin size below a threshold value.


  • Hi Veena,
    There is no job or functionality to delete the D2 Bin content periodically, However there is configuration D2-Bin > Options, Send email warning when the size of a user recycle bin/global size more than MB. The job: D2BinJobSendSizeAlert keeps checking the size of the deleted documents and alert the individual user to delete unwanted files from their recycle bin.

    Hope this helps:)

    Hari Gadhamsetty
    Architect, Consulting Services

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