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Category - ECM - Document Viewing Issue Due To Restricted Access

We are using XCP 2.3 and Documentum 7.3. The Documentum servers are installed in a secured zone with no access to internet.
If an access to internet is required, we have to take it through an intermediate system which has limited access to Internet as well as the Documentum Servers.
The Application Server was also deployed with the respective ports enabled to and from the Internet as well as to the Documentum Servers.
We are uploading a file from the Internet through XCP's Import Functionality.
While trying to View the same uploaded document using XCP Viewer, it is trying to access the ACS located in the secured zone.
Due to which we are unable to view the document through the Application in the internet.
Since the 9080 port for ACS is not opened for internet access, the issue is occuring.
Could you please suggest an alternative apart from Port Opening?

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