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Assign a barcod to e-document in Enterprise Scan

Hi all,
Our clients have a request for assigning a barcode value to E-Document when importing E document into Enterprise Scan. Is there any option in Enterprise Scan that would, in index field, somehow, assign predefined barcode value for documents that are in E form?
Thanks to all!


  • PramodMohandasPramodMohandas OpenText Developer

    To clarify this request -

    • Are you expecting Enterprise Scan to somehow apply a barcode automatically on the scanned electronic document and have it embedded on the same while being archived?

    • Do you want Enterprise Scan to be able to read a barcode value that's already on the scanned document?

    • Do you want to simply assign some value into an Index field that's pre-populated with some business rules?

  • Hi,

    Combination of first and third OR part :smile:
    Now they are using printed barcode values that they stick to paper document, then into physical scanner, and Enterprise Scan reads that barcode valuer (so this OR second is covered);
    But, they have documents that they already have received in E format (email for example), in order not to print and then scan this document, but still use their predefined barcode values, would like to generate barcode value that would populate that index filed in the ES profile. (Developing some kind script that would add this functionality in ES is another matter). Asking is there any module, addition, add-on, "all ready-exists" that we could use?
    I hope that this helps you to understand their request.
    Thanks :)

  • PramodMohandasPramodMohandas OpenText Developer

    Understood and I too was thinking of something from the perspective of scripting as I'm almost certain that there isn't a dedicated feature that Enterprise Scan has which can help you with this request. You could perhaps take a look at the latest Release Notes for Enterprise Scan to see if they've added something in their recent releases.

    As you've already guessed, scripting can definitely help you achieve this requirement by pre-populating an index filed while a document is scanned and archived.

  • I supposed so, just wanted one more confirmation/opinion from others. In release notes there is no such a thing mentioned.

    Thank you and best regards!

  • PO module from OT allows a BarCode . PO is mostly used in context of RM so look there. OT offers a Bar Code developer .They give you examples to make Avery and other common 2D &3D Barcodes. Creating new ones is easy albeit very manual. So knowledgeworks Canada @John Simon and @Ossie_Moore devised a bar code generator. OT has a simple ActiveX control that can print bar codes as well so in my prior organization they would print bar codes to PO Objects and put them in Livelink. The barcode technically is just metadata in a table in LL so if you engage people who know how to create custom steps in EScan this must be possible. In my earlier attempts at this I took a ESCAN profile and at that time LAPI header files could be included so it was possible to do things in Livelink using Microsoft J# or CScript I forget. Now that LAPI has been exterminated you may be able to call WS API(BTW even as two years back I saw a module to support something in EScan using LAPI :) .Escan also allows you to do set pipeline attributes so that's another possibility you should enquire.

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