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How to get the byte stream for a scanned document in Captiva 7.7

Hi, I am looking for a way to get the byte stream for a scanned document in Captiva capture 7.7 version. My other system accepts either byte/mem stream so i will need to get the stream from Captiva and send it to my destination system for storing the document. We explored the method that can be consumed in .Net Code module but none of them is giving stream format.
Appreciate any help on this.

Thank You


  • Hello Venkata,

    your question is a little vague to me.
    The Bytestream of a scanned document in a Captiva workflow is most often located in a so-called StageFile.
    The InputAccel Frameworks give you a
    StageFileReader and then you can use the .Net facilities System.Drawing.Image.FromStream().
    There you are. The Bytes are now at your disposal.
    Perhaps you might convey a little more details.

    Best regards, Richard

  • Venkata_MedikondaVenkata_Medikonda Software Engineer

    Thank You @Richard_Roesler. this is helpful.

  • The Emc.InputAccel.CaptureClient contains the IStageFileReader interface.
    This might be what you were looking for !?

    Best Regards, Richard

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